Our Vision

We’re a multi-cultural, cross-generational community made up of young and not-so-young people mostly from north Edgware.

We believe Jesus has blessed us as a community, so we want to share that blessing with our communities through our worship, through our words and through our work with local people. That’s why our mission and ministry are with the local community.

We believe that OneStonegrove, our fantastic joint community and church centre, expresses the way God has blessed us, so when we leave the building after our Sunday services or weekday activities, the building remains to bless the whole community with the help of our partners.


We’ve been the local church for Stonegrove since the late 1950s. Even before our old church was built in 1962, Christians had been meeting here – first in their homes, then in Edgware School and then in the old Community Centre building.

We’ve shared in the joys and sorrows of the people and the place we’ve been called to bless from before the building of the estate through upheaval of the regeneration to where we are today. Like many residents we also had to move house when we relocated to our new home in OneStonegrove.

You can find out more about our history here and our journey from the edge of the estate in 1962 to the heart of our community in 2010 and into OneStonegrove in 2016.

St Peter's 2010St Peter's@Onestonegrove 2016

About our building

We meet and worship in OneStonegrove, our innovative joint church and community centre which we share with the local community through our partners the Stonegrove Community Trust.

We believe OneStonegrove is a sign of God’s blessing, so we’re delighted to be working with our partners so that our joint home helps the whole community to flourish.

That blessing has been recognised by articles in national magazines like Church and Heritage Buildings and Architecture Today.

It has also been acknowledged by nominations for awards from the Royal Institute of British Architecture and the Civic Trust. It even won the inaugural Best Civic Project in Barnet award and was chosen to launch government housing policy.

Meet The Team

You can speak to members of the Leadership Team at our services or the activities.

If you’d like to have a talk about spiritual matters or just chat, our pastor Rev Simon is available for residents of all faiths or none and church members– contact him here. You can contact our safeguarding officer here.